Release on Rob Boskamp compilation (december 2003)
Two tracks from x(eptional will be on the compilation CD "DJ Rob Boskamp vs ...". The selected tracks are "Sem Teu Amor" and "Pela Praia" and both tracks feature Tyrah Morena. The vocals were recorded at the Fortress Productions Studio in Amstelveen, NL. The CD will be released on Fonky Fibe Records. Prior to the full cd release, the two tracks will be released on vinyl, together with two remixes of "Pela Praia" by DJ Jeroenski.

x(eptional at Festival In de Branding (october 2003)

On October 4th x(eptional will play live at the Festival in de Branding, The Hague. This festival is focussed on contemporary instrumental and electronic music. In our set we will incorporate a couple of exclusively produced "remixes" of modern tape pieces by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Edgard Varèse and others. These remixes will only be performed at the festival. X(eptional member W. Snoei will also perform his own new contemporary electronic piece for the first time at this festival on October 2nd. See Flyer

Site update (november 2002)
Updated and redesigned the full website. The biography was updated, new live reports were added, a special studio page was added and more. The graphical layout has been designed by Wouter Snoei. The webhosting is still done by ab-c media (Utrecht, NL). In the near future even more will be added...

Cord Heineking second bass player (july 2002)
Cord Heineking will be replacing our regular bass player Frans van der Hoeven on some of our live performances. Cord played with us for the first time on the 26th of july in Bladel. Frans will still be our main bass player but due to his busy schedule he can't always be there. We are very happy with both of them!

Tyrah Morena joined x(eptional (december 2001)
Tyrah Morena will be singing in our upcoming performances and also feature in future x(eptional songs. We have already written some songs together, which will be released on CD in the near future. Tyrah Morena sings in English and Portugese (Brazillian) and expands our style with latin flavours.

x(eptional participation on
Streamer album
(september 2001)
Three of the tracks on Streamer's Blissed album were created together with W.Snoei and recorded in the x(eptional studio. We are currently working on new tracks and remixes. Blissed was released on KidNap records.